Endangered Species Handbook

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Lifestyles and Citizen Action

Through small changes in our lifestyle, we can reduce our use of energy, our pollution, our unnecessary consumption of material goods and help wildlife and the natural world.  By launching programs within our community and making other contributions to conservation, we can have an even greater impact.  This project will examine some examples of each conservation approach and encourage activism to preserve nature and endangered species.  It will make recommendations about purchases that can either aid or damage the environment and wildlife.
Activism on the part of individuals and governments is crucial to reversing the trends that are extinguishing species and habitats at an unprecedented rate.  The natural world is a place of beauty that provides a cornucopia of medicines, food and inspiration.  The majority of scientific discoveries lie in the future.  Preserving these treasures should be the most important goal of society.  Future generations will not forgive us if we extinguish this precious heritage, upon which we depend for our very lives.

The majority of people on Earth are too occupied with survival to understand and act on the need to preserve species and natural environments, especially wilderness areas.  Those people who can teach means of sustainable living without harming nature should become far more active to prevent further extinctions and erosions of natural ecosystems.  On the whole, we have failed to treat the environment and our fellow creatures with the respect needed to prevent further losses to our natural heritage.  Never before, however, have we known so much about the components and functioning of ecosystems, nor have we had the technology and the will with which to remedy past errors in order to live in harmony with the Earth.

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