Endangered Species Handbook

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Teachers' Aids and Educational Materials

Organizations: D

Defenders of Wildlife, 1101 - 14th St., NW, Suite 1400, Washington, DC 20005; Phone: 202-682-9400; http://www.defenders.org/. Defenders, bimonthly-monthly magazine.
Defensores de la Naturaleza, 19 Avenida “B” 0-83, Zona 15, Vista Hermosa II, Guatemala 01015; Phone: 502-369-5167; eco-web.com/register/02222.html.
Desert Tortoise Preservation Committee, 4067 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside CA 92501; Phone: 909-683-3872; http://www.tortoise-tracks.org/.
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, The, 800 Cherokee Ave., SE, Atlanta, GA 30315-1440; Phone: 1-800-851-0203; http://www.gorillafund.org/.
Dolphin Project, The, P.O. Box 224, Coconut Grove, FL 33233; Phone: 305-668-1619. Founder, Richard O’Barry, works to stop capture of wild dolphins and to rehabilitate and release captive dolphins.
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (formerly the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust), Les Augres Manor, Trinity, Jersey, Channel Islands JE3 5BP, British Isles; Phone: +44(0)1534 860000; http://www.durrellwildlife.org/. The Dodo, annual journal; The Dodo Dispatch for young people.

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