Endangered Species Handbook

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Teachers' Aids and Educational Materials

Organizations: T

Tiger Trust, The: www.fontayne.com/tigertrust/ . Tiger News, biannual journal.
TRAFFIC International, 219c Huntingdon Rd., Cambridge CB3 ODL, United Kingdom; http://www.traffic.org/ ; Phone: (44) 1-223-27723. TRAFFIC Bulletin, quarterly publication on wildlife trade.
TRAFFIC USA, 1250 - 24th St, NW, Washington, DC 20037; www.traffic.org/25/network6.htm ; Phone: 202-293-4800. Newsletter on wildlife trade; affiliated with World Wildlife Fund.
Trumpeter Swan Society, The, 3800 County Road 24, Maple Plain, MN 55359; www.taiga.net/swans/ ; Phone: 763-476-4663. Bulletin of the Trumpeter Swan Society.
Trust for Public Lane, 116 New Montgomery St., 4th Fl., San Francisco, CA 94105; http://www.tpl.org/ ; Phone: 415-495-4014.

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